A bi-county, municipal Authority created in 1972 by Lehigh and Northampton Counties to operate public transportation services in the Lehigh Valley.
LANtaBus Senior Citizen ID Card – People 65+ ride regular buses for free

LANtaVan is a door-to-door, shared ride (or paratransit) service, available to riders in Lehigh and Northampton Counties who are registered and certified as eligible for sponsorship under various transportation funding programs. The service is public transportation and is shared ride in nature, that is, no one passenger has exclusive use of the vehicle.
LANtaVan provides transportation for:

  • People are eligible if there is no LANtaBus fixed-route service nearby or if they have a physical disability. Though open to people of any age for ‘full’ fare, those 65+ may ride for 15% of the actual fare (the remaining 85% will be paid by the Pennsylvania Lottery).
  • People with a valid Medical Assistance (M.A) ACCESS Card are eligible to use LANtaVan service to go to M.A. reimbursable appointments (doctors, medical tests and treatment, dialysis, etc.) if they meet the PA Department of Welfare’s program requirements.
  • Physically disabled persons who are eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Clients of the Lehigh and Northampton County Area Agencies on Aging. For information about these programs, you must call the Area Agency directly.
  • Temporary discount  during the COVID-19 emergency: Click here

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