LV Walk Audit

An Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley initiative in coordination with
United Way GLV, LV Planning Commission, and AARP PA

Let's Get Started, Walking Teams!

  • Designate a team leader
  • Each team member completes the waiver
  • Assign team members to take pictures or to complete one of the audit worksheets
  • Team leader submits all documents, photos, and the summary to [email protected].

Take pictures of your location, give your team a name if you like, take selfies with your team, and above all…be safe and have fun!

Use the fillable PDFs to complete audit forms online OR download and print the blank forms to complete by hand. Links to each of the forms being used in this audit are below

Summary Worksheet

Sidewalk, Streets, and Crossings (Single Location Audit)

Sidewalk, Streets, and Crossings (Walking Audit)

Thank you to everybody that has participated in the Walk Audit Project! At the moment all 50 priority locations have been audited! We continue to accept location requests for any suggested locations you may have. Participants have until November 30th to submit walk audit forms. Thank you!!!

The LVPC identified 50 intersections to be audited, AND you may also choose to to walk a segment of the road OR pick your own location.

Use the form below to fill out and submit your waiver and audit location request online.

OR click here to download, print and sign the waiver, and then email  the waiver and your walk location choices to: [email protected]