Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley envisions a community where everyone in the Lehigh Valley will have the opportunity to age successfully.

The Age-Friendly Lehigh Valley action plan is dedicated to the many individuals who had a hand in building the amazing community that is the Lehigh Valley today. Your work and dedication have assisted in building a community that strives to be inclusive of all people and all ages.

Ensuring that older adults in the Lehigh Valley can thrive mentally, emotionally and physically is the goal of the Age Friendly Lehigh Valley Action Plan; a guide outlining the community tools needed to ensure that age-friendly programs, services, and policy are available and accessible to all.

Together We are Forging an Age Friendly Lehigh Valley

Bringing this plan to life is made possible by the continued dedication of our existing partners and cohorts and will depend on new partners joining the movement—local leaders, businesses, organizations, and residents—all contributing their strengths, resources, and unique perspectives as our region’s age demographics shift and opportunities arise. The plan outlines how we will leverage existing community strengths and programs while also championing new efforts. Together we are forging an age-friendly Lehigh Valley, empowering older adults and the stakeholders who serve them to bring about change at a community level.

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What is a Liveable Community?

A livable community is safe and secure, contains housing that’s affordable and appropriate, has transportation options, access to needed services, and opportunities for residents to participate in community life